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"Rehomed" For What?

So, it may be strange for a childfree sistah like myself to write about the personal business of a mother who I do not know.  This story just blew me away so I figured I would write out my thoughts.   I recently learned about Myka Stauffer, a social media influencer, from Ohio, who recently “rehomed” her Asian, special needs son, Huxley.     She adopted him 3 years ago. If you are not familiar with the story, you can certainly learn all about Myka online.   She is being drug all over social media for “giving up on her son.”   Many people take issue with Myka because people tend to believe you “rehome a pet” and not a child.    So I will keep it 100.   I never heard of Myka Stauffer until this “breaking news.”   A white woman, married, with children of her own, decides to adopt internationally, an Asian, autistic, son. Myka and her husband released a statement that her son, Huxley, was now too much to handle and that he was better off living with a new family. This comes AFTER blo