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Doubling Down With the Derricos: An Overabundance of Family

  FEATURED GUEST BLOGGER:  Kellea Tibbs, Writer and Event Planner Some women are meant to be mothers, some more than others. Karen Derrico, from the reality show, “ Doubling Down With the Derricos ” is definitely one of those women. I started watching this show, about a real life Black family with 11 kids, many of whom are multiples and all of the children are so stinking cute.   Let me first say, that I do like the show and appreciate it, because it is a chance for America to see a real Black family on TV with a mother and father taking care of their family and the craziness of looking after multiples and the drama, all of that brings. And while I do know that I would not personally want to be responsible for that many children at once, I wholeheartedly give big kudos to these parents, because, whew, it looks like a lot of work. As an observer, one can see that there is   definitely a lot of love in the Derrico household.   As a childfree woman, on the outside looking in, I by no me