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That Ship Has Sailed!

I remember a time when I used to get somewhat annoyed when people asked me, “Do you have children?”   The question  is not anything like the unforbidden rule of asking a woman her age.   Heck, I never hesitate when answering THAT particular question, because I often love the surprise (and sometimes debate, lol) on the person’s face when I tell them that I am in my late 40’s (and still fine)!   I started to dig a bit deeper and ask myself, “Why am I annoyed at such a simple question?”   I can admit today that I felt judged! Yeah, maybe sometimes it was all in my head.   T here were other times when the judgement and shade thrown my way was too real.   I mean, show me a 40+ year old Black woman who does not have at least one kid, right?   Well, I had not one but none!   I realize now that I created my own mental pressure cooker of measuring myself up against women who appeared to be able to do it all!   Yep, I believe Mothers are the backbone of this world!   Mothers, they somehow, som