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Childfree During Corona V

Soooooo........just like everyone else in the world today, I am feeling just a little bit of uncertainty, fear, and anxiety due to the COVID-19 crisis.  Thankfully, I have kicked up my faith in high gear and have the scripture Isaiah 54:17 on repeat in my head.  Like many of you, I have taken breaks throughout the past two weeks from the infamous CNN news to protect my sanity.  I have connected with friends and family through FaceTime, logged in more hours I care to count on Zoom, and even found myself on Tik Tok offering some much needed humor to a few of my line sisters!  Yes, after a few sweaty hours, lol - my attempt at the #savagechallenge is complete! If I can get 25 or more comments below about this blog post, I may just post my Tik Tok video on my social media just to humor you too!

I have colleagues, family and friends who are now at home with their children because schools across the country are closed. Many parents and caretakers are now responsible for helping remote teachers implement math, science, social studies, and some type of interactive play.  They are making the best out of a difficult situation all while trying to fulfill their responsibilities of a full-time job in their living room or guest room.  I dare not forget about our doctors and nurses – our front line, most essential professional workers, who are caring for their family and working double shifts!  They are the real MVP’s! I will admit that I am happy that during this crazy time I do not have children. I cannot imagine the constant worry of hoping that your child does not come home with a cough or fever. Now going back to that math for second, lol.  I cannot even imagine trying to teach a child anything besides 2+2 = 4, lol, because that is all I got in the math category! 

COVID-19 has certainly changed the way we do family time, the way we live in solitude, and our way of life.  Although stressful and challenging throughout the day and night, I bet it feels good to have loved ones around. I am thankful I have my Lenni Boi (and yes, he is a handful). I am sure I would be just fine if I did not.  However, sheltering in place feels more doable when Lenni’s cold wet nose is rubbing up against my leg (an indicator that he wants to go for a walk, lol). I enjoy my solitude very much, but this forced social distancing and sheltering in place has me feeling some kind of way.

Since the whole world has disconnected from itself – a shift has certainly happened. There are many like me who are comfortable within their four walls.  Honestly though, I am even more comfortable having my freedom to come and go as I please!  Having discipline during this time is crucial because simple interactions with friends, family, sorority sisters, colleagues, can cost me or someone else their health and/or their life.

During this extended solitude season, my creative energy is flowing freely without the distraction of having to direct and organize a child’s life.  A shout out to all the parents that are keeping the little ones busy and on schedule! I would like to think that having children and being around family during this time offers some comfort and security. There are certainly daily opportunities to interact with someone other than yourself. So, no matter how you spin it, living childfree and alone, living childfree with a pet or sheltering in place with a big family – what the world absolutely needs now is compassion, love and understanding.  Living childfree during Corona V is my life. Living with a house full of children during Corona V is someone else’s life. Someone unfortunately is fighting for his or her life because of the Corona virus.  Please continue to wash your hands, stay 6 feet or more away from others, and please shelter in place until a different directive is given.  If we can just discipline ourselves to follow these simple instructions – then we all do our part to see another day! Tik Tok!  

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Carolyn said…
Excellent Blog! Thanks for sharing your perceptive during this crucial time!
#postivevibes. Stay bless stay safe!
April said…
Love your positive message!
Ms. Leigh said…
Love this! I am child free as well but having my dog definitely helps because I know I’m going outside at least 3x a day for 2-3mi walks. Stay safe y’all! Oh and I can’t wait to see this Tik Tok
Anonymous said…
Great article, I missed the Tic Tok video.
big mama said…
What a wonderful article. We are finding ourselves in an unusual situation at this present time in our lives. It is when we encounter difficult times that one can appreciate a "solid" foundation as a child. Morals and disciplines come in to play when faced with the struggles of life. Some families are finding themselves child free even with the child in the house because if they have to self quarantine then their children can't be around them. One parent is in a separate part of the house and have not hugged her child for 10 days. We all can take this time to reflect on ourselves as a person and purpose in life.
Unknown said…
Great perspectives. Powerful message and even greater voice. Continue to guide and shape the world we live in. Much love from the 504
Anonymous said…
Great post and I want to see the video! I’m glad there are people taking care of our kids. I miss my nieces and nephews. You have reminded me that’s its time for a Skype
Katrina Chanel said…
Great job hunbun!!!! I think it's great information for those in the childless population! Keep up the great work
Felicia said…
This was an awesome read. Thanks for sharing. We have a 17 year-old and I am absolutely relieved that she is not a little person, though we still make certain that we do mental health check ins and keep her positive and productive. I agree that we are definitely becoming connected on another level... more personal than ever and that is my takeaway from all of this!
Anonymous said…
Nice blog! Continue to keep sharing.
Thank you.

Natural00gurl said…
Great job!! Bring on the tik tok !! That shirt is super cute in the video too !

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